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      Native Instruments 招聘中国市场助理。

      Sales & Marketing
      Marketing Associate (f/m/x) 
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      Who We Are

      For over 20 years, Native Instruments has been the backbeat to the music industry. As leaders in digital music creation and performance, we’re right there on stage and in the studio with global stars and legends in the making. Driven by our mission to make music creation more inclusive and accessible, our hardware, software and digital services provide innovative, fully-integrated solutions for music producers of all styles and genres.
      二十多年来,Native Instruments 一直是音乐行业的坚固后盾。作为数字音乐创作和表演的领导者,我们站在舞台上和录音室中,为全球明星和行业传奇人物所用。在让音乐创作更具包容性和易用性的使命推动下,我们的硬件,软件和数字服务为各种风格和流派的音乐制作人提供了创新的,完全集成的解决方案。
      Our Sales & Marketing team is all about promoting our brand and proposition in a way that continually raises the bar in terms of accessibility, ease of understanding, engagement, efficiency, and innovation. Our team goal is making our product as easy as possible for users to understand and unlock the full potential of our products.We are now on the search for our next team member to infuse this vision into our Social Media network in China. If you share our passion for marketing and Social Media Management, music tech, innovation, diversity and collaboration, we would love for you to join our team in Shenzhen!

      What Youll Do:

      ● Manage NI Official Weibo, WeChat & Bilibili Account
      ● 日常管理 NI 官方微博,微信以及B站
      ● Increase the marketing output of new and existing campaigns through PR, social media and with engaging content
      ● 在目前和新社交媒体上增加更多的内容产出
      ● Assign translation tasks to freelancers and proofreading
      ● 与 freelancers 沟通,分配翻译任务以及校对
      ● Monitor our market to provide actionable suggestions
      ● 留意市场信息并提供合理建议
      ● Create campaign narratives and communicate cultural stories
      ● 撰写活动描述以及组织文化性交流的故事
      ● Effectively communicate our products’ unique selling points
      ● 有效突出我们产品的独特卖点
      ● Independently create and commission content
      ● 独立地创造受委托的内容
      Reporting to the Head of Sales & Marketing China
      ● 向中国的市场营销总监汇报
      ● Supporting in offline events around China

      What Youll Need:

      ● Experience in creating marketing campaigns, content and events
      ● 有相关微信公众号管理,文章编辑以及活动策划经验
      ● Highly professional work attitude with effective communication through documentation and presentations
      ● 在文案处理上有专业的态度
      ● You are a natural user of the web and social media platforms

      ● 熟悉运用网络和社交媒体
      ● Highly motivated, organized, reliable and able to work under pressure
      ● 能够适应压力,拥有高度积极性,纪律性与可靠性
      ● Versed in a variety of musical genres and production/DJ technology
      ● 熟知各种音乐风格以及制作人/DJ技巧(可在入职后学习)
      ● Completed studies in business/marketing or similar skills
      ● 有完整商业/市场推广等方面或相似的能力
      ● Enjoy explaining complex concepts in simple and focused messages
      ● 善于将复杂的概念简化成通俗易懂的信息
      ● Good in spoken and written Chinese and English
      ● 良好的中文和英语水平


      About Us

      Native Instruments embraces diversity. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we believe the foundation of our dynamic and pioneering spirit starts with a fair and inclusive culture. Our company culture focuses on bringing unique ideas together to fuel innovation. We are based in the heart of the German capital’s creative hub employing more than 600 people across our seven offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Toronto, Paris, and Shenzhen.
      Native Instruments 强调多样性。我们为成为能够提供平等机会的雇主而感到自豪,我们坚信公平和包容的文化是我们充满活力和开拓精神的基础。我们的公司文化致力于将独特的创意融合在一起,以推动创新。我们总部位于德国首都,在柏林,洛杉矶,东京,伦敦,多伦多,巴黎和深圳的七个办事处,共有 600 多名员工。
      All applicants will receive equal consideration for employment at Native Instruments and we encourage everyone to apply – regardless of gender identity, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.
      所有申请人都将获得在 Native Instruments 平等的就业对待,并且我们鼓励每个人都申请 – 不论性别、种族、肤色、宗教、性别、性取向、国籍、遗传、残疾、年龄或任何其他受法律保护的特征。


      Please contact Ms.Zoe Zhou at zoe.zhou@native-instruments.com for further information.
      如需咨询更多详情,请联系 Zoe Zhou 女士。联系邮箱:zoe.zhou@native-instruments.com

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